We are exposing at Vinitaly Special Edition2019

We will be at Vinitaly Special Edition 2021 from 17 to 19 October.

You will find us at

Hall 6 Stand Bio 11.

We are in the Federbio / Biols area dedicated to organic producers and our wines can be also tasted at Enoteca Biols (Tasting Desk) and at the Consorzio della Valpolicella.

We are waiting for you for this important restart for our wines and for our territory!

The Valpolicella Wine Route presents the new Valpolicella Bike Map

The Valpolicella Wine Route, to which we are associated, has produced a new beautiful cycling map of our territory. You can find it at our Agriturismo and also download it at this link. The bike is an ideal means of transport to experience our hills and valleys in perfect green style.

Have a good ride everyone!

Millésime Bio 2021 World organic wine fair goes 100% DIGITAL

Millésime Bio is an event we have participated to for the fifth time. It is organized by Sudvinbio, an inter-professional association of organic winemakers from the Occitaine region, in France.

To join this event organic certification is compulsory, therefore an approach of respect for the environment, for production and for consumers and their health is also requested. The next edition of 2021 will be 100% digital. A new experience to which we have decided to join because we believe that we should never stop and that probably the new “normal life” that we will have to face will also offer us some good opportunities.

We will be at MB Digital with all our wines. We will present the new Iperico, Valpolicella DOC of the 2019 vintage of which we are very happy and with the new Morar, Amarone 2012 Bio, an absolute anticipation given that the current vintages on sale are 2009 and 2010.

Iltabarro Magnum is out of stock

iltabarro, our Valpolicella Classico Superiore Magnum is sold out. This historic wine of our cellar, with great versatility and freshness, this year is successful in its 1.5lt version. It has become the welcome gift from one of our long-standing customers to some of his partners.

Wine is always a welcome present.

For information and reservations for the next Vintage, write to export@valentinacubi.it

The Wine Hunter awards our Amarone Morar Bio 2012

Our Amarone Morar 2012 BIO is among the wines awarded by The WineHunter Award the official prize of Merano WineFestival established by the patron Helmuth Köcher, The WineHunter, which every year researches the best wines and gastronomic products for the participants to Merano WineFestival (6-10 November) and for all who love high quality. Since last week the guide has been online and is available free of charge for all wine & food lovers who love Italian excellence. The winners of the Red and Gold Awards, and the TOP 100 and TOP 50 lists of Food – Spirits – Beer from which the winners of the Platinum Award will be selected, in addition to the TOP 5 of each region are on line. About 7,000 wines were tasted of which 3,100 awarded by The WineHunter. The Red Award (90 – 92.99 points) was given to 2,300 wines and the Gold Award (93 – 95.99 points) to 800 wines. The best wines will be awarded with the Platinum Award (96 – 100 points). In addition to the wines, the guide also presents 380 excellences in the gastronomic field divided into the Food – Spirits – Beer categories and selected from over 500 products tasted, in addition to those awarded in 2019 whose recognition is valid for two years. 240 products that get the Red Award and 140 the Gold, while the TOP 50 nominates the best gastronomic products to the Platinum Award that is assigned in October. The guide also proposes the publication of the TOP 5 of each region, a selection of wines chosen from those that best represent the different Italian regional territories according to Helmuth Köcher.

To you the link of the page dedicated to our Morar Bio 2012

Our Agriturismo is open!

We opened our farmhouse (agriturismo) in total safety. After a general cleaning and sanitization, all our rooms have been equipped with Aerocide Air Purifiers, certified precisely to sanitize the rooms and in particular the air we breathe.

This investment has allowed us to offer our customers a relaxing and worry-free holidays.

Breakfast will be served in compliance with current regulations and we will be at your disposal for any information or clarifications.

The security protocol that we have applied is rigorous but very simple: the health of our guests, our collaborators as well as their serenity are at the center of our thoughts.

The farm has 5 bedrooms with private bathrooms, large common areas and a beautiful outdoor terrace where you can rest and have breakfast.

See you soon!

Organic wines, philosophy and passion

Our cellar has been producing certified organic wines since 2010. Our first certification is now 10 years old. The first organic wine we bottled was Iperico, organic Valpolicella DOC. That wine has traced our way.

Fortunately for us, we have always carried out environmentally friendly agriculture, although conventional, therefore the stress to which we have subjected the vineyards, during the conversion to organic agriculture, was not too heavy. We have been able than to save even the old vines.

The second conversion phase, which saw the application of organic cultivation techniques also on high and older vineyards, began in 2010 and ended definitively with the 2014 certification.

Organic for the whole company is a philosophy of life, it is an opportunity for differentiation, it is a belief that obviously generates effort and investments and is passion.

Our first Amarone Biologico Morar is from the 2010 vintage, presented to the market in 2016.

A wine that has given us many satisfactions.

Prowein – Organic World – SEE YOU IN 2021


Vinitaly 2020 – Free rooms

We have some free rooms for Vinitaly 2020.

In Verona 14th-17th June.

Info and booking info@valentinacubi.it – 0039 045 7701806


Millèsime Bio – we are on in January!

Millésime Bio is an event in which we participate for the fourth time created organized by Sudvinbio, an inter-professional association of organic winemakers in the Occitania region, in France.

Participation to this event includes organic certification, therefore respect for the environment, for raw material, production and for consumers and their health.

Each exhibitor has exactly the same material to present his wines: a counter, two chairs, a spittoon, tasting glasses, ice and a display. All exhibitors are on the same level to present their products. The stands are not grouped by region or by name but distributed randomly. This characteristic of Millésime Bio is a deliberate desire of the organizers to encourage encounter and curiosity.

We will be present with the new vintages of Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso 2016 and Valpolicella Superiore 2016. We will have the new Iperico, Valpolicella DOC vintage 2018, we are very proud of. Morar Amarone will be presented in the 2010 and 2011 vintages, a real anticipation as, at the moment, the Morar Classico vintage in the cellar is 2009.
For lovers of sweet wines you cannot miss our Recioto Meliloto, vintage 2015, a great wine for blue cheeses or dry buiscits/cakes.