Millèsime Bio – we are on in January!

Millésime Bio is an event in which we participate for the fourth time created organized by Sudvinbio, an inter-professional association of organic winemakers in the Occitania region, in France.

Participation to this event includes organic certification, therefore respect for the environment, for raw material, production and for consumers and their health.

Each exhibitor has exactly the same material to present his wines: a counter, two chairs, a spittoon, tasting glasses, ice and a display. All exhibitors are on the same level to present their products. The stands are not grouped by region or by name but distributed randomly. This characteristic of Millésime Bio is a deliberate desire of the organizers to encourage encounter and curiosity.

We will be present with the new vintages of Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso 2016 and Valpolicella Superiore 2016. We will have the new Iperico, Valpolicella DOC vintage 2018, we are very proud of. Morar Amarone will be presented in the 2010 and 2011 vintages, a real anticipation as, at the moment, the Morar Classico vintage in the cellar is 2009.
For lovers of sweet wines you cannot miss our Recioto Meliloto, vintage 2015, a great wine for blue cheeses or dry buiscits/cakes.