The company Valentina Cubi has applied for years biologic techniques

The organic approach begins with the very first experimentations in a vineyard close to the city of Verona and then soon in our entire estate.
Organic matter is one of the fundamental parts of the soil; unfortunately in recent years the indiscriminate use of inorganic fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides, along with an inadequate restoration of the land, resulted in the generalized decrease of humus content in the soil – in particular in the Po valley – which may lead to the desertification of the land..

The company Valentina Cubi has applied for years biologic techniques in order to keep healthy soils and increase the organic matter content, thus improving their fertility.
It is fundamental to avoid the use of synthetic phytosanitary products and herbicides, which reduce soil vitality and enormously simplify the local microfauna.

For this reason, using vegetable compost enriched with microorganisms and supplying the right amount of animal humidified organic matter can help to produce an autumnal multispecies green manure characterised by a number of herbs with specific features which enhance physical, chemical and biological processes for a balanced improvement of soil vitality and fertility and preventing harmful imbalances or excesses that would then need various corrective actions.

The effects of the 500P and 501 preparations prescribed by Rudolf Steiner are important as well, as they favour the correct humidification of organic matter and the regular formation of plant architectures, thus transposing the soil features into the bunches of grapes.

Finally, supplying microorganisms on leaves and soils favours the mycorrhizal process and creates more favourable conditions for the development of pathogens, thus improving plant nutrition and health.

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