The Golden Star of Vini Buoni d’Italia per our Arusnatico 2013

ARUSNATICO 2013, our Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso receives the Golden Star of Vini Buoni D’Italia Guide.

Inspired by the Italian winemaking tradition and aimed to promote the local roots, the territory and the typicality, Vinibuoni d’Italia gives a clear signal to consumers and to the Italian market and abroad, on Italian wine.

The guide is unique in the Italian and international panorama, because it is the only one dedicated to wines from native grapes, ie those wines produced 100% from grapes that have been present in the peninsula for over 300 years.

Vinibuoni d’Italia is based on a selection process for outstanding commitment and transparency. Indeed over 80 tasters collaborate, and are gathered in 21 working committees that operate in their area of expertise.

The final assignment of the highest awards, namely the Crown and the Golden Star, is made public and is open – the only case in Italy -to the participation of the media.

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