Falstaff awards our wines in September/October 2019 Magazine

Falstaff, the famous German magazine awards our Valpolicella…
5 September 2019/by valentina

Fair program Autumn Winter 2019

Also this year we are focusing our promo activities to some fairs…
27 August 2019/by valentina

Amarone Riserva 2006 one of the top for Decanter

We are honored of this result. Among all the big of the Valpolicella…
17 May 2019/by valentina

Wine Prague 2019

We will be at Wine Prague again this year, from May 28th to May…
29 April 2019/by valentina

Amarone Morar Tasting 1997 – 2012, a real wine experience.

On 18th October 2019 at our winery there will be a truly unique…
20 February 2019/by valentina

Prowein 2019

Soon we are exposing at Prowein 2019!

Organic World Area,…
11 February 2019/by valentina

Free rooms in our agriturismo for Vinitaly 2019

We still have a couple of free rooms for Vinitaly 2019.

21 January 2019/by valentina

Sin Cero – our wine without added sulfites, new vintage!

We have arrived at a new vintageof Sin Cero, a winewithout…
16 January 2019/by valentina

Millesimè Bio – we cannot miss it!

From 28 to 30 January 2019 we will be at Millèsime Bio in Montpellier…
4 January 2019/by valentina

Winnipeg wine tasting! Great experience!

Our great experience in Winnipeg!

Tuesday, 30 October…
21 December 2018/by valentina

Morar 2007 at Celebrity Fight Night

15 September 2018/by webmaster

One voice from China

24 July 2018/by webmaster

we are on twitter

30 May 2018/by webmaster

Meliloto in process..

20 May 2018/by webmaster

Our new Video, one year with us!

1 May 2018/by webmaster

Vinitaly 2018

1 April 2018/by webmaster

Prowein 2018

15 March 2018/by webmaster

Amarone Morar at Ormeggio Restaurant in Sydney

9 February 2018/by webmaster

50 years of Amarone Appelation

2 February 2018/by webmaster

Taste of Courmayeur – thanks to Enoteca Trimani we will join!

24 January 2018/by webmaster

Millésime Bio 2018

12 January 2018/by webmaster

Guida Touring – Vini Buoni d’Italia 2018

12 September 2017/by webmaster

Silver medal of the \Via Claudia Augusta\” to our Arusnatico”

25 July 2017/by webmaster

Prowein 2017

17 March 2017/by webmaster

We will be at Raw in London on the 12th and 13th of March

12 March 2017/by webmaster

We will be in Zurich on 20th February 2017

20 February 2017/by webmaster

We are Ecofriends!

19 January 2017/by webmaster

Smith & Smith our partner in Zurich

12 December 2016/by webmaster

L’Arena – 29th October 2016

29 October 2016/by webmaster

Corriere Vinicolo – Semptember 2016

12 September 2016/by webmaster

L’Arena – Friday 26th August

30 August 2016/by webmaster

The Awards of Amarone Morar 2005

8 August 2016/by webmaster

The Awards of Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso Arusnatico

31 July 2016/by webmaster

Alessandra Esteves brasilian wine blogger dedicates an article to our winery

26 July 2016/by webmaster

The Awards of our old vintages of Morar

15 July 2016/by webmaster

Verkerk Wijinimport – Our importer in Holland

1 May 2016/by webmaster

The Awards of Amarone Morar 2010

1 December 2015/by webmaster


21 October 2015/by webmaster

The Golden Star of Vini Buoni d’Italia per our Arusnatico 2013

28 July 2015/by webmaster

The Awards of Valpolicella Classico Superiore iltabarro

30 June 2015/by webmaster

The Awards of Amarone Morar 2009

31 May 2015/by webmaster

Historic trade permit was found again

17 December 2014/by webmaster

The Awards of Amarone Morar 2008 – Great Vintage!

1 December 2014/by webmaster

Amarone Morar 2005 Wine of the Day

25 September 2014/by webmaster


27 February 2014/by webmaster


31 October 2013/by webmaster

Amarone Morar ® 2008: 92/100 points Wine Enthusiast

28 October 2013/by webmaster

Amarone Morar 2007 awarded by the Italian Sommelier Association with the 5 Bunches

13 March 2013/by webmaster